Dreaming in Morocco

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Art design by Avsar Aras

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Film Festivals:

Middle Eastern Studies Association (MESA)
Global Peace Film Festival
Bayou City Film Festival
MNTV Broadcast

Comments on Dreaming in Morocco

It is a film any educator on the Middle East will appreciate, beautifully realized--young Moroccans talk about what they dream of, hope for. It is both particular and universal, and could be used well beyond courses on North Africa/Middle East, either in high school or college."

John A. Williams, author of
The World of Islam

Synopsis Are all young people in Morocco anti-American and in line to join Al Qaida so they can terrorize non-Muslims the world over?  Some media and government pundits would have us believe so.  But most young Moroccans are dreaming about finding a job--any job, anywhere--and that includes in America.  They chat online, love hip-hop, and watch American movies.  Or America is not even on their radar screen.   In this film, Moroccans aged 18-30 from different parts of the country talk about their daily lives, dreams and views of Americans.  This film is intended to break some of the stereotypes Americans have of Arab and Muslim youth (when they think about them at all) through many interviews and through footage of life in Morocco today, from the soccer derby of Casablanca to cybercaf√©s in the medinas.

Music by Al Andalus

Produced by Cafe Aziza, Inc., 2007

Dreaming in Morocco
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