Letters from Cairo

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This film focuses on the perspectives of Egyptian artists, intellectuals and development professionals in Cairo--people who have spent their professional lives reflecting on Egyptian culture and its place in the world.
It’s is a collection of video interviews filmed from January, 2002-January, 2003. Egyptians give their perspectives on America and Americans, especially since September 11, touching on such topics as terrorism, Islam, globalization and the image of the U.S. in their culture. They discuss the challenges to a better understanding between our countries. The documentary includes interviews with such notables from the Arab world as filmmakers Ateyyat al Abnoudy and Mohamed Khan, novelist and editor Gamal al Ghitany, and Sudanese author Tayeb Salih. It is meant as an introduction to Arab perspectives and is intended to encourage further discussion of the issues raised.

Music by
Yehya Khalil

Screenings include:
Intermedia Arts
Bryant Lake Bowl
Middle Eastern Studies Association (MESA) Film Festival
WorldFest Houston (Bronze Award, International Documentaries)

Produced by Cafe Aziza, Inc., 2003

Letters from Cairo
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